Three (Non)Acting Books Every Actor Should Read

Photo by Eugenio Mazzone on Unsplash

1. The Inner Game of Tennis

Hailed by golf pros and country club teachers alike, this book is essentially a guide to meta-learning or learning about learning. Timothy Gallwey discovered an unusual problem. As a lifelong tennis instructor, his students seem to get better the less he helped.

2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Talk to an artist about finances for more than five minutes, and chances are their eyes will glaze over unless someone gets betrayed, backstabbed, or openly killed in a public forum by Senators. Still, as Raphael Sabatini’s hero, Andre Moreau, says in Scaramouche, “There is a business side to your art.”

3. The 48 Laws of Power

If there was a handbook for understanding Shakespeare, Robert Greene’s love letter to the entertainment industry is it. Written out of spite for all the backstabbing and underhanded power grabs he witnesses while trying to become a screenwriter, Greene’s book is a historical waltz through the rise and fall of great men and women.



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Brock Vickers

Brock Vickers

I am an actor and writer who loves creating content and telling stories.